The Independent Star Academy prepares you for daily life as an independent musician. Here, you’ll learn to take control of your career and do the things you’ve been paying other people to do for you. Our video course will teach you everything from basic music industry knowledge to the technical details of email and social media marketing, websites, and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). In individual video lessons you’ll learn about:

– The music industry

– Branding

– Artist accounts on all major platforms

– Social media development, maintenance, and marketing

– How to choose and run a social media platform

– How to create artist accounts, which really helps you to build a fanbase

– SEO basics

– Facebook Business Manager and advertising

– GEMA, VGL, and KSK basics

– How to build a homepage

– YouTube marketing strategies

– Different ways to promote your music

– How to run and organize your band

– And much more

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