SFP ROCK is the rockdevision of sfpmusic

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1 Falling
2 What does your love cost
3 Yearning

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April 13, 2022


SFPROCK FALLING SFP.Band definitely sounds like they’re cookin’ up somethin’ special for ya this year – and it sure looks like it too from the sample we can see from the new single/video for “Falling.” Led by the musical mind of singer/songwriter Maria Chabo, SFP.Band is a limitless hybrid of styles & sounds – and from this clip of “Falling,” you can hear the verifiable sonic-force this project is to be reckoned with. Bursting with blazing instrumentation and a high degree of artistic integrity – SFP.Band proves that even within the short space of just over a minute they can entice us all in to listen further – I’m absolutely looking forward to hearing more. Apparently…I’m not alone in that either – MTV has already been paying close attention to SFP.Band and shouted it out as their artist of the month – there’s lots of people out there stoked about what they see & hear so far and it’s looking like the future is mighty bright for this project. Check it out for yourself and get a sample of what SFP.Band is capable of by clickin’ on the promo video for “Falling” below!