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June 24, 2021



This new single is catchy, fun, and romantic, perfectly portraying the best qualities and amazing creative skills of this amazing musical act. One of the most remarkable aspects of this release is definitely the consistency of the production. Everything in the mix is balanced and direct, going for a one-of-a-kind vibe that sets the bar higher, and helps the performance of the band shine through.

Sfp.Band is a rare breed: this is the kind of band that doesn’t get trapped in the usual cliches and genre limitations, and this can be clearly heard on Lean On You. The song captures the energy of alternative rock, as well as the soothing melodies of arena-rock, only to mention a few of the styles that define the sound of Sfp.Band.

Personality is definitely the keyword here, and it also comes through in terms of lyricism. In fact, the songwriting is authentic and earnest, going for a catchy, yet personal touch.

Ultimately, Lean On You is a great example of a track that sounds refreshingly simple on the surface, yet there is so much going on under the hood.

The music m needs to be heard by everyone who loves beautiful, heartfelt songs and the women who sing them.

Fans of smart, well-executed pop should start listening today.

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