Spotify Post Lovin`You sfp:band

June 17, 2021


Big shiny tunes…a stunning website/label supporting it all…new promo videos coming out left, right, and center…it’s been a very exciting & productive breakout year for Maria Chabo and her music in SFP.Band. Earlier this year back in October we were introduced to samples of singles called “Yearning” and “Falling” – which not only gave us our first impressions of the versatility in SFP.Band’s sound & style, but also proved instantly that this project is focused on success; by creating these compelling clips that offer a snapshot into the music, it’s crystal clear that the enthusiasm, support, and buzz has continued to grow as a result. We know this to be true, because we can vouch for the effect it has firsthand – for example, hearing the minute-long sample of the new single “Lovin’ You” sent us right over to the page at Spotify to check out the stunning full version of the song, which is out & available now – and that’s exactly how enticing sound is supposed to work y’all! There’s a great mix of slow-burning emotional intensity at work throughout “Lovin’ You” as it builds, and the payload of audio-awesomeness to be found when the hooks of the chorus rise to reveal the ultra-inspired sound of Maria’s vocals can’t be denied – SFP.Band has created a seriously memorable cut with this latest single and continues to keep on supplying solid reasons to keep listening to what’s happening in this project this year. Definitely another highlight in the catalog squared away already for this band so early on into their career, and “Lovin’ You” is another great example of how SFP.Band is way ahead of the game when it comes to the art of making music. A band with limitless potential & possibility ahead in the future to come – this sample from SFP.Band is justifiably enough to give you a full dose of what they’re capable of & have you craving more right away – check out “Lovin’ You” for yourself below!

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