Passage one

July 26, 2021

SFP Jazzdepot has recently announced a new track: “Passage one”

March 2022 – SFP Jazzdepot has recently announced a brand new track: “Passage one”. The song is a perfect example of what you can expect from SFP Jazzdepot, always on the lookout for ways to push creativity and set the bar higher with some exciting new ideas. After all, jazz is really all about expanding music to a new horizon, and SFP Jazzdepot accomplished that.

SFP Jazzdepot’s work should not go unnoticed if you enjoy amazing modern jazz. “Passage one” happens to be a perfect representation of SFP Jazzdepot’s commitment to create music that is really fun and easy to relate to for people of all walks of life. In addition to that, the sheer quality of the sound design is absolutely spot-on, revealing the many nuances that make this release so diverse and appealing to listen to. Not only is the songwriting really special, but the sounds to go with the music are really perfect to match the vibe of this track as well. The song was composed by Jean Christoph Rosaz, Maria Chabo, and it features some amazing musicians. Besides Maria on vocals, Stephan Emig played drums, while Til Von Dombois did some programming. The song also features Ingo Hassenstein on guitar, as weak as Kyrill Ostapenko on the keys. Dima Faustov contributed with saxophone, while Willy Rangone played trumpet. Last, but not least, Liza Romanova sang some fantastic background vocals.

Find out more about SFP Jazzdepot and listen to “Passage one”, which is currently available on some of the web’s very best digital music streaming services and beyond.

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