yearning 2

March 3, 2022


It was just a couple weeks back that we were introduced to the cutting edge sound of SFP.Band in posting up a killer clip from the single/video for “Falling” – and here we are with another hot sample for ya from a new upcoming cut already called “Yearning” for you to dig into! Surging with momentum surrounding the buzz of being chosen by MTV as their artist of the month AND the fact that SFP.Band is making really great music here in 2020, you can see the response to this band continues to grow exponentially online. Led by the mystifying & enchanting vocals of singer/songwriter Maria Chabo, “Yearning” features brilliantly textured & atmospheric vibes flowing intensely throughout the colorful swirl of stylistic sound & haunting melody driving the hooks of the brand-new single – and from what you can see in the promo clip they’re circulating around the ol’ internet so far, it looks like they’ve got another stunning video in the works put together to support their latest tune as well. Impressed with the effort & enthusiasm behind the scenes, definitely impressed with the sound, and yep, you got it – I’m equally impressed with the fact that SFP.Band is attacking the scene with the kind of energy & approach it takes to get noticed by making smart choices like releasing these teaser-trailers for upcoming videos & single releases – Maria’s making sure that all the angles are covered and that she’s given this project of hers is well positioned to seize every possible opportunity, chance, and advantage towards achieving its ultimate success & reaching the entire world with their music. Have a listen to another solid reason to be excited about what SFP.Band has been up to this year, and another great reason to look forward to the future to come – click on the sample clip from the upcoming single/video for “Yearning” below!

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